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Brand Identity

Brand Identity Typography

Brand Identity

Brand identity or corporate image is the manner in how companies and businesses present themselves publicly to customers future and present. A strong business brand identity relays your principles to your customers so keeping everything identical over all media is very important.

Logo Design

Your logo is the cornerstone of your company’s visual identity. Logos appear on everything that customers see when interacting with your business, including your website, business card, clothing and vehicles so it’s important that your logo reflects the look you wish to portray. When we design or adapt logos, we include examples of your logo in real-world scenarios and supply your final logo in useable formats with all colour breakdowns and fonts to ensure your brand matches across different applcaitions.

Brand Identity Logo Design
Brand Identity Typography


Fonts may not seem very important, but the wrong font could create the wrong view of your business. Some fonts can be difficult to read, whereas using the correct font can make the reading experience much easier, which in turn makes your customers pay more attention to your text. These fonts also have to work across all platforms to keep your font usage so must be accessible on and offline.

Colour Palletes

Colours subliminally instil different moods when viewed. Red in its primary colour is associated with anger, fire, violence and warfare, whereas orange is a vibrant and energetic colour and not seen as overpowering as red. At 19 Degrees East, we make sure that we use the correct colours to reflect your brand to the customer you wish to attract.

Brand Identity Colour Palettes Design
Brand Identity Guidelines Design

Brand Identity Guidelines

With all our branding, when approved, we supply you with all the assets along with guidelines for how your branding is to be used, this is to ensure that all future uses will be identical to the first. Your assets will include your logo as a vector AI and EPS files along with rasterised logo files at multiple sizes, supplied in RGB and CMYK colour spaces and TIFF, PNG and JPEG files. All fonts will also be supplied for you to install onto your own computers so you can use the same font for any business correspondents, keeping everything uniform across all materials.