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Online Shopping


With the internet now being a daily part of our daily lives, online shopping in the UK has boomed the last few years and shows no sign of changing anytime soon. In 2021 over £100 billion was spent online with over 87% of the population buying at least one item online. E-Commerce now allows you to open your shop and to sell your products to anyone in the world without the cost of a physical shop rent and additional costs. And don’t worry if you think running an online shop would be too difficult for you as all training is given on all our platforms and it’s easier than you think!

Online Shops - Physical Products

Whether you’re buying goods to sell, or you’re producing your own products, we will find the best solution that suits your needs. With physical products, the e-commerce solution needs to allow not only accurate inventory control but also for packing and shipping instructions. Our e-commerce sites can easily integrate into different shipping carriers, allowing you to ship your packages seamlessly.

Online Shopping Delivery
Online Ticket For Event

Online Shops - Downloadable Products

Selling downloadable products like event tickets or eBooks can enhance your sales and at the same time, collect information about your customers. This data allows you to learn about your customers, which in turn allows you to tailor your future products. Our virtual product solutions ensure that the whole process can be fully automated, from purchasing the desired product to payment and through to electronic delivery can all be done with no interaction from yourself.

Online Shops - Fast Food

Our 0% commission takeaway eCommerce solution is ideal for all takeaways, restaurants and cafes. Our solution allows your customers to order directly through your website or Facebook and then send the order to a tablet at your premises for your approval along with a printout of the order and delivery receipts. Once setup, this system is controlled by yourself, allowing you to update prices, products and deals very quickly with ease.

Fast Food Delivery
Online Ordering With Woocommerce


Woocommerce is the most popular platform for online sales with over 4 million websites using this solution. This is due to its flexibility and its ability to grow and adapt to your business. Woocommerce is capable of hosting over 100,000 products and processing thousands of transactions a minute and is easy to integrate with all types of payment systems and shipping methods. These integrations, along with the low hosting cost make Woocommerce a perfect solution to start selling online.


With over 2.5 million sites worldwide using Shopify, this is a very popular option for many people who want an all in one solution for e-commerce. Shopify differs from other solutions as you have to use Shopify’s own hosting platform and also their payment solution otherwise you have to pay a high cost. Shopify does have its advantages, their servers are built around their software and support is very good, but is limited unless you have a higher rate plan.

Online Ordering With Shopify
Amazon Prime Delivery Setup

Amazon Prime

If you’re selling your own products in your store, why not sell them in the biggest shop in the world? Amazon Business opens you up to a whole new world of customers who are loyal to the Amazon brand and only shop with stores that have the Prime badge. Amazon Prime can be a big challenge to set up correctly, from having the correct Trademarks to choosing FBA over SFP, 19 Degrees East have many years of experience in setting up stores and could help you with yours.