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Social media is a cheap and effective way of keeping potentially new and current clients up to date with your company’s new products and offers. With many social networks available, it can be a time-consuming process to keep up with creating and uploading new posts every day. Using 19 Degrees East as your social media management company, we can help you select the right channels to concentrate on and create and schedule your posts for you. This can save you and your staff valuable time and let you concentrate on what you do best, running your business. Contact 19 Degrees East to find out how you could save time and money by expanding your social networks.


Established in 2004, Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform with over 2.5 billion monthly active users which is over 59% of people that use social media. Facebook has many options for posting with options for text, images and videos and allows your customers to talk to you directly through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to get instant responses to their questions. This quick interaction can make you stand out from your competitors and convince impulse purchasing from your client before they go looking elsewhere.

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With over 1.2 billion active users a month, Instagram may not be as big as Facebook but it is still the 7th most visited website in the world. What makes Instagram different from other platforms is you must post an image for every post, as it is primarily a photo and image sharing website that has adapted over the years. #Hashtags are a major part of Instagram and help you to find new followers, hashtags can also be followed, allowing any new posts with the same hashtag to appear in your feed.

Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s own platform for registering your business details, ensuring that the correct information is given back quickly without the need to visit your website. Once your business is verified, Google will place your company details at the top of the page of a relevant search along with your telephone number, address, opening hours, pictures, reviews and a map of your location. This information along with quick access buttons lets a searcher easily call you or find directions to your establishment without leaving the Google search page. This quick and easy access encourages the searcher to click on your details rather than find your competitor.

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X’s (formally Twitter) appeal is that all messages are short at 280 characters and 4000 with apaid account. With limited text available on the free plan all messages have to be short and sweet, allowing you to get straight to the point. X’s market is different from most other social media platforms as over 70% of IT’S users are male and over 28% of users are between 35-49, although these numbers are slowly changing. Like Instagram, X makes use of hashtags that can be filtered and shows the highest Threads in its “Trending Threads” lists.


LinkedIn can be a great asset to your company for business networking to find new clients and employees whilst raising your profile among your peers. Connecting to businesses in your industry can allow them to see what projects you are capable of producing and allow you the chance to tender for any further work. This also works for your business by finding potential new customers that require the work that you produce.

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Tripadvisor is an essential part of any business that is in the hospitality sector for communicating with their guest whether it be good or bad.

TripAdvisor’s website also allows users to post reviews about hotels, restaurants, bars, holiday rentals and more, this allows you to see what your guests think of your product and services with the ability to reply to wither thank the customer or to ask why they were dissatisfied with what you had to offer. This feedback is a great way of improving your services and relaying to your staff any issues that you need to rectify and allows your guest to see you want to fix any issues and in turn give them a chance to try you again.